Another airport, this one in Montpellier

After more than half a month, it’s time to head home. Although I haven’t had much chance to blog on this trip, the waiting area of an airport is usually a good place to bang out a couple paragraphs.

Kathryn and I vacated our centrally located apartment in Montpellier yesterday around 2:30 pm, after having a last city lunch at an Italian restaurant downstairs. Somehow we managed to ignore the restaurant until our remaining minutes in town.

We spent the night at a small hotel that was less than a five-minute drive from the airport. We woke up at 3:30 this morning, were out of the hotel by 4:05, returned our rental car at 4:20, and were in the line for the Air France counter at 4:25. We were through security and enjoying a croissant and coffee just after 5:00. The airport in Montpellier is nothing like Paris.

Our flight is at 6:10. We’ll be boarding soon.