Safely back home in Phoenix

We arrived home safely in Phoenix last night after almost eighteen days away. My brother-in-law graciously picked us up at the airport and drove us home. I was way too tired to write a blog post, even a short one.

We were seated in row 28 on the Delta flight to Phoenix from Atlanta. The passengers in rows 1 to 27 had apparently never been on an airplane before. After almost fifteen minutes of waiting to deplane, I was getting ready to open an emergency exit. Needless to say our luggage was at the carousel long before we were.

I managed to sleep most of the flight, probably because my sinuses were killing me. Air France had recommended changing masks every four hours. I thought that sounded excessive. However, in retrospect, if I had followed their guidance, perhaps I wouldn’t have had a tissue full of bloody boogers by the time we changed planes in Atlanta. Three masks for nearly 25 hours of travel was probably not sufficient.

Something tells me the mask mandate isn’t going away before my next trip on an airplane. I can apply next time what I learned this time.