On our way home … eventually

We’ve been in France for nine days, and I’d been too busy to post an update. Well, I have plenty of time now, as our flight from Montpellier to Paris is delayed by over seven hours. Naturally this means we’ll miss our original connection in Paris, which may already be over the ocean as I’m writing this from the ground in Montpellier.

Fortunately, Air France had already booked us a new set of flights overnight, and we were informed about the delay with enough time to get a couple hours of extra sleep and enjoy what the French call an English breakfast before coming to the airport. Even better, we got a modest upgrade when Air France booked us on one of their own trans-Atlantic flights in place of Delta’s.

I also learned that my crisscrossing the ocean several times this year has put me into a frequent flyer status that allows me and a guest to use SkyTeam partner lounges. Which is nice, not just for the free beer, but for the relaxing atmosphere after a few days of not sleeping particularly well. A comfy couch with a French 24-hour news channel on TV at a reasonable volume beats a plastic chair in a loud departure area.