Time for a change, for better or worse

With less than 24 hours to go until I leave town to begin phase two of my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, I thought it was a good time to post a quick update.

In early February, I made the decision to write my own software to host this blog. I would have had no problem finishing it by today, except that my former employer came along around the same time and gave me a job for nine weeks.

The good news is that I now have some beer money for the Camino.

The bad news is that the new blog software isn’t even close to being done yet.

The really bad news is that I’m going to use it anyway.

Starting tomorrow morning, new posts will be at https://klaxon.caminosinnombre.com. If you want to receive notifications by e-mail, you can go the new blog now and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Please be prepared for bugs, typos, misleading instructions, unexpected downtime, lack of polish, and all the other issues you’d expect from pre-alpha quality software.