Another bittersweet goodbye

As I’m typing this, I’m finishing up the final hour of my final day of work.

The soon-to-be-former job is one I started by chance back in 2010. A local utility company needed someone to work on a Blackberry application — remember the Blackberry? — and at the time, I’d recently worked on a similar application for a state government agency. The company was pleased with my work, so when the Blackberry project was finished, they looked for more work for me. Eventually, it led me to the project I’ve been working on — until today — for ten years.

The funny thing is, I already quit this job over two years ago. I needed a break, so I made the difficult decision to part ways with my employer and set off to travel the world for a while. Six weeks later, a global pandemic put my plans on hold.

Having heard that I had nothing to do, it wasn’t long before my old employer asked me to come back for a few weeks to help get the old team over a project hump. Weeks turned into months, and now, just shy of two years later and just over another hump, it seemed to be the right time for me to say goodbye once again and resume my travels.

Will I ever go back? Ultimately, it’s not entirely up to me. I left on good terms — both times — so I certainly won’t rule it out. For the next twelve weeks, though, my attention is outside of Arizona.