They let us back into the United States

With all the paperwork required for even citizens to travel to the United States right now, arriving in Atlanta was somewhat anticlimactic. The airline is required to check all the documents before passengers board, so once Kathryn and I arrived here, we went to a Global Entry kiosk and cleared into the country in just a couple minutes.

I have trouble finding anything good to say about the airport in Atlanta. They have, without a doubt, the most abusive TSA team I’ve ever experienced.

Kathryn was a bit more nuanced and evenhanded in her assessment. She pointed out that the TSA officers here might be in a better mood if they weren’t dealing with idiots. She’s got a point. The traveling public at this airport seems to have a below-average ability to read a situation.

I will say that the first thing I saw after arriving at our departure concourse was a Samuel Adams bar. That makes up for a lot of the bad things. One of my friends once referred to Samuel Adams as airport beer. He said it in a somewhat disparagingly way, but it works when nothing better is available.