Déjà vu

It seems like only four weeks ago I was sitting in Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, waiting for the first of three flights that would eventually bring Kathryn and me to Montpellier. It seems like less than three weeks ago that I was back in the same terminal, standing in the airline baggage service office, reporting the missing luggage that failed to join us on our flights home from France.

And once again, this morning, I’m back in Terminal 3, waiting for another set of flights to Montpellier. As short as the last stay was, this one will be even shorter.

To reduce the chances of having baggage issues again, I’ve chosen a set of flights with slightly longer connections. Not that it would have helped last time. What really messed everything up was a freight airplane that ran off the runway in Montpellier, closing the airport for more than two days and pushing our initial return flight back by over eight hours. There’s no way I could have planned for that.

Unfortunately, I’m also making this trip without my partner in crime. Which is a shame, because right now I think Kathryn and I would be having great fun snickering at the business travelers who’ve chosen to annoy everyone around them by making their morning conference calls on speaker.